About us

Telesconet technology limited is a Uganda based Web Host and Designing Company, dedicated to offer excellent services that includes; Web Hosting, Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing plus free SSL certificate per domain hosted with Telesconet. The company was started by a team of IT professionals who are well equipped with excellent working experience since year 2015, we’ve been able to provide solutions that have boosted our clients businesses to meet the swiftly growing market demand hence keeping them relevant and competitive in the fast growing digital marketing error.

Our experienced team of Web Designers, Developers and Digital Marketers are readily available to offer 24/7 hour service to ensure that their allocated projects are completed within the stipulated time. As for Telesconet Digital Marketing Team, we have an excellent Search Engine Optimization testimonial from so far the websites that we have designed and optimized.

Web Hosting Services

Telesconet offers first class Web Hosting services with a 24/7 hour customer care service, our experienced staff are committed to work hard to ensure all our hosted websites are in excellent working conditions with timely backups just in case of any online attacks you will be able to recover your entire website, this can only be achieved with a full dedication from our experienced team of IT professionals.

Web Designing Services

Telesconet offers first class Web Designing services with a 24/7 hour monitoring service, our experienced team of Web Designers and Developers are always committed to designing best website that highly compete in the world of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Telesconet’s excellent working experience since year 2015 has enabled us excellently perform Search Engine Optimization service to lots of Tour and Travel companies both with in Uganda and Rwanda hence enabling these tour operator websites gain excellent search engine ranking (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) as it can be witnessed on our portfolio.

Digital Marketing Services

Telesconet Digital Marketing Team is well equipped 24/7 to take advantage of any available opportunity that comes across and is highly to improve the marketing strategy of the product or services so as to beat competitors, using digital technologies mainly on the Internet to advertise via digital marketing mediums.