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Improving your Flesch reading
Improving your Flesch reading

Tricks to consider or use to improve your Flesch reading ease Score, before you can start to write or edit your text, always consider and decide how easy to read your text should be for your audience. Are you selling clothes, tour operator or photographer? Then your content should be relatively easy to read, for a broad group of readers. Do you write about complex, specialist topics or are you a travel blogger publishing your research finding? In that case, you can decide to aim at a specific audience and write text with a lower Flesch reading ease score. You know your audience best, after all. In any case, your text always benefits from clear use of language. Therefore focus on two things:

Always keep short your sentences

Too much writing and many long sentences make your text very difficult to read and understand. Using short sentences keeps the subject / topic clear and to the point for readers allowing them to absorb the information in your content, rather than using all their attention trying to explain in depth. So, always break down long sentences to much easier to read.

Avoid or limit the use of difficult words

If you always use too many difficult words, there is higher chance of losing your readers. Words with four or more syllables are considered so difficult to read, try as much as possible to avoid them. Don’t use insider language, if you can’t find good alternative for a specific term providing an explanation for users who might not know the word.

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