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When planning to set up a restaurant website, take your time and first ask around people, to figure out important features to be included by your friends and family to get to know their expectations. For a restaurant, I think we can agree on the following things that need to be on a Restaurant website:

  1. Your address. The most important element: people will always need to know where you are located. There are several ways to share your address with your most likely (potential) guests.
  2. Photos of the interior. If you’re going to spend some money to establish the inside part of the restaurant, there is a need for a cosy evening and a nice table set up to sit at.
  3. Your menu. This is not the actual website menu, but a list of all the food and drinks most possibly to be served at a certain price.
  4. Client testimonials. Remarks from the guests about the place and services.
  5. A quick and simple way to make a reservation. This is an obvious cause.
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